Can Online Gambling Games be fixed?

Imagine if you’re playing a move in the online casinos where your outcome is constantly losing the bet, and the owners of the place stage the whole act. Isn’t it heartbreaking and quite close to getting cheated by a gambling game?

There’s no respite for a cheated player who lost a chance at his/her winnings because of foul play. If you smell foul play or find anything fishy, you steer clear of the site. Let’s answer a series of questions to know more.

Can you trust Online Gambling?

Though there’s no fixed answer to the question, and no one can indeed identify the problem from the start, you must be vigilant and wary of false claims. After all, online gambling is also a business run by individuals with the central goal of making profits on your money.

Please go by your gut because many of the gambling sites can cheat you. No matter how real they may look or offer lucrative discounts, it’s difficult to believe them on the first go because they can easily dupe you and make it difficult to track them down.

Hence, the stakes increase when you lose, and the online casinos get the money. They bank on your losses to make money, and many of them stray from the path to ensure that you have more losses than wins.

Can you take online gambling seriously?

The assumption that all gambling games cheat to make the players play longer or lose more is not valid. For the reputed sites, the matter is not in their hands. The random chances generated are due to the software designed for this purpose, and humans have no say in it whatsoever.

For instance, after mathematical analysis, Blackjack is one gambling game that favors the gambling house more than the player. However, on a similar note, the percentage of paying the player is also higher depending upon the players’ skillset.

Usually, online poker has earned the lousy reputation of cheating because of the invalid talk doing rounds in these chat rooms. The gambling house can secure their profits and keep your money thus, increasing their stakes of scoring higher than the players.

Can you rely on the online format?

The answer to this is, to a certain degree, yes, you can rely on the online format. Duping a customer is widespread in the brick-and-mortar formats. An observer is kept on the watch to see the cards at the table and report his/her findings to a player on the table. However, this is not possible in the online format since a program controls the output, and at no time can it be viewed by a player or an observer.

Also, the bets placed are random, and no one can predict the outcome right all the time because of artificial intelligence involved. Hence, when you leave the workings and patterns of the game to software, there are slim chances to outrun its superiority and cheat.

Gambling games played online are not unscrupulous, unlike popular opinion and instead require more skill and strategy because that’s the only way you can guarantee a winning streak.

Mason Pearce

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